Recent Projects

An overview of some of our initiatives

WeGoSTEM – Belgium & Greece
WeGoSTEM – Belgium & Greece

With the WeGoSTEM project thousands of pupils from the 5th and 6th...

MyRobotics – Malaysia
MyRobotics – Malaysia

In 2016, the Malaysian education department introduced computer science into the programs...

UGent – Dwengo robot competition
UGent – Dwengo robot competition

In 2008, the workgroup electronics (WELEK) at the UGent Faculty of Engineering...


In this CS4HS project, we work together with KU Leuven, Ghent University...

Udavi (உதவி) – Chennai, India
Udavi (உதவி) – Chennai, India

Starting from January 2015, Dwengo in partnership with Bhumi of India has...

International Robot Week
International Robot Week

Dwengo is organising its first International Robot Week in October. We will...

CErrobotics – Salta, Argentina
CErrobotics – Salta, Argentina

In Salta, Argentina, due to low budget and geographical situation scholars have...

Our Vision

Demystifying the wonders of robotics and AI by

We develop  innovative workshops and educational resources, and we provide them to students around the globe in collaboration with teachers and volunteers. Our  train-the-trainer sessions enable them to bring our hands-on workshops to the students. Our core values are:

  • Innovation: we continue to develop new, original, hands-on STEM activities grounded in both engineering & educational research
  • Gender gap: we succeed in reaching as many girls and boys through our focus on gender-neutral activities
  • For everyone: we actively reach out to socially-economically disadvantaged children and students
  • International collaboration: establishing a new global sustainable community of teachers and volunteers
  • Impact: our cost-efficient approach enables us to scale up all our projects

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Our Expertise

The strength of Dwengo lies in our international collaboration. Every year we launch new projects in different countries in the field of physical computing and robotics. In all these projects we bring in our expertise and didactical approach, but we also learn a lot from our local volunteers and teachers. This two-way collaboration has helped us to reach a unique position in the computer science landscape. We won the Google RISE award for our approach (twice).

  • Knowledge sharing and collaboration
  • International focus with projects on 4 continents
  • Young and old: children from the age of 8 to university students
  • Girls as well as boys: Dwengo reduces the gender gap
  • All our software and documentation is open source

Recent Tutorials

Learn or Teach with Dwengo

Serial communication: Dwengo & GNU Octave

This tutorial shows several small tricks: How to easily compile from the command line using the project Makefile described in my post about command line compilation (extension of Wim’s post). How to send integers (2-bytes long) over the serial port (1-byte messages). How to plot "real-time" the data in the serial port using GNU Octave.

27 July 2019

Graphical programming with ArduBlock

The Dwenguino is programmed in a textual programming language C++ within the Arduino IDE environment. However, for those who are reluctant to start textual programming, a user-friendly textual programming language is made available. It allows the user to acquire the different components of programming languages. One such language is ArduBlock. In this tutorial we get

27 July 2019

Dwenguino Labview Interface

Labview is a graphical development environment used by scientist and engineers for creating applications that interact with real-world data. With Labview you can easily design user interfaces controlled by a graphical programming language. Labview runs on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. This tutorial describes how you can use the dwenguino as a data acquisition board

27 July 2019

Supreme Features

Summary of what we do in 6 focus points


We want to help every child to build a robot

Gender gap

All our projects aim for 50/50 participation by boys & girls


We always work in collaboration with partners


Our didactical approach encourages students to experiment and discover themselves


We setup our projects to reach the socially-economically disadvantaged

Open source

We strongly believe in open source

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Demystifying the wonders of robotics and AI

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