With the WeGoSTEM project thousands of pupils from the 5th and 6th grade discover their talent for science and technology. We challenge them to build and program a creative art robot that can draw independently. In this didactic workshop a lot of STEM skills are discussed, from technology to computational thinking. WeGoSTEM is possible thanks to more than 520 passionate business IT professionals who assist teachers in class during the EU Code Week! We launched WeGoSTEM in 2017 in Belgium and in 2018 we also started in Greece.

Social impact

Wide reach. In 2018 we reached about 6.000 students (about 5.200 in Belgium and 800 in Greece). For 2019 we are aiming 10.000 children for Belgium and Greece!

Inclusive approach. We are resolutely opting for an inclusive approach. That is why for WeGoSTEM we explicitly make a selection of the schools where we give a workshop. Schools with many children from disadvantaged groups and rural schools are given priority. For Belgium 29% of the children who participated in WeGoSTEM had a special socio-economic status (SES), while the average is only 20%.

Girls and boys. With WeGoSTEM we are also fighting the gender gap that unfortunately still exists, especially in STEM professions. By deliberately going to primary schools, we reach exactly as many girls as boys. Our team of volunteers is also more or less in balance: 39% of our volunteers are women. We send a team of 3 volunteers to each school with at least 1 man and at least 1 woman.

Do you want to participate?

WeGoSTEM is 100% supported by volunteers in all participating countries. If you want to participate, check out the dedicated websites: WeGoSTEM Belgium and WeGoSTEM Greece.


WeGoSTEM would not be possible without about 800 volunteers and a lot of partners. In Belgium, WeGoSTEM is a partnership between Dwengo and #SheGoesICT. In Greece, WeGoSTEM is supported by Makerlab.

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