Starting from January 2015, Dwengo in partnership with Bhumi of India has launched UDAVI (உயர்வு தரும் விஞ்ஞானம் : Upliftment through Science), an initiative to establish a sustainable robot-building community for disadvantaged children in Chennai, India. The aims of UDAVI are to stimulate creativity, critical thinking and problem solving abilities for under-privileged children thereby also motivating them to take up careers in STEM fields. The project commenced in January with a 3 week program of training volunteers and the first batch of children through direct interaction with Dwengo members.

Our Goal

To establish a novel sustainable robot-building community for disadvantaged children in Chennai, India by workshops for teachers and students!

Our Approach

1. Train the trainers;
2. Establish a sustainable community using continuous group of volunteers;
3. Target local schools/homes for disadvantaged through workshops;
4. Technology transfer and seed infrastructure provided by Dwengo


The first phase of the project was conducted by [Francis]( and [Naveen](, and took place at the Ramakrishna Mission Students Home, Chennai, in January 2015. It involved direct training of a pool of 25 volunteers and upto 35 children (45% females). The children, in the age groups of 11-17 were selected from multiple orphanages for the underprivileged in Chennai. Shorter workshops were also conducted for upto 300 children in other schools and institutions in Chennai. Future programs have also been planned leveraging the technology-transfer and infrastructure established in Chennai for this purpose.

Sponsors & partners

The UDAVI project is part of the Google RISE 2014 program and is not possible without the help of following partners:

- Bhumi
- Google
- Ghent University

We also thank RKMS Home for hosting us.


Udavi will be continued by Bhumi as Yantra. Do you want to help in spreading the project over India? Do not hesitate to contact [Dr.Prahalathan KK](

For more details follow their blog: BHUMI ROBO FEST

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