In this CS4HS project, we work together with KU Leuven, Ghent University and UHasselt to establish a basis of expertise in physical computing for computer science education in Flemish high schools (from K7 to K12). Therefore, we will organise a training program for CS and STEM teachers. During this training, the teachers can refresh their knowledge of CS, learn about novel approaches to CS teaching, and acquire hands-on experience with robots and other programmable electronics. The training will explicitly aim at implementation, as part of the training, at actual application of the lessons learned in schools with high school students by the participants.

Our Goal

Our objective is two-fold:

1. Provide high school teachers with conceptual and contextual insights, technical and educational skills, and practical experience in embedded systems and physical computing in order to instill and/or reinforce the confidence and enthusiasm to teach Computer Science in high schools;
2. Help to create a sustainable community for CS teaching in high schools that shares teaching materials both online and through public events.

Our Approach

Every year we organise a training program for 60 Flemish CS teachers: 30 in the Leuven group and 30 in the Ghent group. By making the teaching materials available online, we moreover hope to inspire many of their colleagues, and we plan further runs of the live workshop series in subsequent school years. Additionally, the workshop program includes a public event aimed at a larger audience of teachers and educational policy makers.

Full program details can be found on the progra-MEER website.


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