Dwengo is organising its first International Robot Week in October. We will bring 50 teenagers with different socio-economical backgrounds from all over the world together to build ArtBots: robots that produce art. We start at October 23th and close with an ArtBots exposition on Monday October 27th around lunch time.

Our Goal

With our international robot week we want to achieve three goals:

- To provide technical skills and robot building experience to high-school students,
- To cause a cross-cultural exchange of knowledge and experiences,
- To train technology ambassadors who stimulate friends and other students to get involved in technology.

Our Approach

We believe that building (Artistic) robots is not only a fun way of experimenting with Science and Technology, but can also be a way to engage students into a multi-cultural collaboration. Our team of volunteers is ready to make this week an unforgettable once-in-a-life-time experience!

The team

This international robot week could never be organised without the help of many. A team of many volunteers led by Francis, Peter and Juan Pablo includes an organisational team (Leen, Claire, Marc & Cristina) and a technical team (Jorge, Cesar, Kristof, Geraldine, Willem, Sam, Ruben, Leslie, Rohan & Jelle). The technical team will be guided by two enthusiastic artists Anneleen and Jan!


- Francis: +32(0)473 300 729 (English, Dutch, French)
- Peter: +32 (0)474 874 095 (English, Dutch, French)
- Juan Pablo: +32 (0)487 302 114 (Spanish, English)

Camp rules

We have one simple rule for all participants and spectators: **respect** for each other, the infrastructure and all art work.


The ArtBots week was a success! We were able to host 51 students aged 11 to 18 years of which one third females. On Monday the 27th of October we closed with a successful lunch exhibition which was held at Verbeke Foundation in Kemzeke.

Information for media

You want to report about an unique event with teenagers learning combing STEM education, multi-cultural collaboration and art in one setting? You want to track the students during their learning process? You just want to see how robots make art? Contact Francis (+32(0)473 300 729) or Peter (+32(0)474 874 095) . We also have a press information form with all details (in Dutch).

Sponsors and partners

Edition 2015

Due to the positive feedback by the participants, volunteers and sponsors we decided to organise a second edition in 2015. More information to appear!

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