KIKS is a STEM project on artificial intelligence for the third stage of secondary education (students aged 16-18). Students learn to understand AI, with possibilities and limitations; they learn how they can have an impact on it.
The relationship between stomata of plants and climate change offers a unique framework to work with deep neural networks. The Python programming language is also very accessible as a tool to study the foundations of neural networks.
An asset of the KIKS project is the collaboration between researchers and teachers. The KIKS teaching material is, after all, being developed in parallel with the results of an ongoing scientific study at Ghent University and the Meise Botanical Garden.

We want as many teachers and pupils as possible to become acquainted with KIKS and to work with it in class. You can express your interest via our form. More details can be found on our dedicated website AIopSchool (in Dutch).

This project is a realisation with multiple partners

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