Programming a Knight Rider LED light scanner

Summary In this tutorial we create a Knight Rider light scanner. Several concepts of C++ programming language are applied in this tutorial. Requirements One Dwenguino board Enclosed USB cable A Knight Rider Start by making a new Arduino sketch and including the following libraries or take a look at the built-in Knight Rider example (Arduino

LCD Display

Summary The LCD display on the Dwengo board is a 16×2 character display with backlight. This display uses a frequently used HD44780 compatible controller. Controlling the LCD The display is easy to use by means of the Liquid Crystal library which was developed for Arduino compatible boards. This library ensures that the display is initialised

Graphical programming with Blockly

Summary The Dwenguino is programmed in a textual programming language C++ within the Arduino IDE environment. However, for those who are insecure about starting with textual programming, a user-friendly graphical programming language is made available. It allows the user to acquire the different components of programming languages. One such language is Blockly. In this tutorial

Dwenguino FAQ and Troubleshooting

Overview of common questions and problems Software Why do I get “Error Compiling” while verifying my sketch? This message means that your code contains an error, in other words your code file can’t be translated into computer-language. Please read the orange error message: it will tell you where and what your error is. If the

Burning the Dwenguino Bootloader with another board

Summary The Dwenguino comes with its own Dwenguino bootloader which makes it accessible from the Arduino IDE software. Please refer to the Dwengo GitHub repository for its source code. Although this bootloader is preburned on the dwenguino, this tutorial describes the different possibilities to burn the bootloader yourself. Using another Dwenguino board A. Prepare the