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Technology and engineering in the classroom: a workshop for teachers

Technology, engineering and science are an important part of or daily life. It is vital that children are introduced to its basic principles, not only important children by being offered facts, but by having the opportunity to investigate and discover. To achieve this, there is no need for the use of expensive materials in the classroom: the correct attitude combined with some knowledge of a few basic principles is key to success. This is what Dwengo aims to share.

A technology and engineering workshop

The workshops is built upon 3 core components:

  1. An introductory presentation where complex technical systems are translated to project examples by children under the age of 12 years;
  2. Speed dates with science, technology and engineering. This is a set of more than ten short tasks that incite the thinking process;
  3. A hands-on part whereby the transition is made individual brainstorming to jointly built prototype.

If there is enough time available, we like to include a fourth component to apply the above principles above to develop a teaching activity with you, adjusted to the needs and preferences of the children.

Speed dates

In the speed dates, you gained familiarity with the different aspects of science, technology and engineering. These work sheets are made available at the bottom of this page. Note that this list is exhaustive. There are more technical building blocks and we leave it to the reader to decide what they are. We will continue to provide detailed information about the structure of each speed date and the relevant background information.

Project examples

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