ProjectsSumorobotcompetition at Sint Jozef Sint Pieter Blankenberge

31 May 2015

Kristof De Beer

We organized an in-school sumorobotcompetition with 15 robots, mostly Dwenguino and 2 Lego mindstorms


With 15 robots, 30 participating students and ages ranging from 12 till 18 our first sumorobotcompetition was a success. They programmed and modified the robot during the lessons and the final competition was at noon in our theater.
I made two one-piece arenas out of big multiplex panels and painted them black and white.
The robots where armored with Lego and a 3d printed protection panel for the Dwengo Sensorboard.

The robots competed with 2 or 3 against each other. If after 1 minute no robot had won, the robot the closest to the center of the arena won.

I asked and got a small price for the winner from ... 25 $ of 3d print value.